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To implement a successful campaign, carefully plan your marketing efforts. What types of marketing have produced the best results in the past? Do you have existing marketing or identity elements such as color schemes, logos and graphic designs? Using these as part of your campaign can not only help save money, but create consistency and continuity to aid customer recognition and recall.

What are you trying to accomplish with your print communications? Introduce a new product or service? Boost seasonal sales? Appeal to a particular market niche? The more specific you can be, the easier it is to develop a strategy for achieving your goals. Efforts to simply "get our name out there" will not be as effective as those with a specific objective.












Most companies are unaware how big of an impact graphic design has on their branding and marketing. Design plays a role in every form of communication from brochures, websites, to mailing packages. Design can make a company stay congruent with their branding efforts and support a company’s main message. It can also help establish a strong corporate identity, which will help the company stay focused on their mission.


Visual Branding’s Unique Role In Branding and Marketing


Graphic design for visual branding has several benefits. It visually represents the message that the brand is trying to deliver. Transparency and congruency is very important when building a branding campaign. If the visual elements are not in line with the brand, the target audience will feel not feel like the company’s message is believable.


It also allows the target audience to connect with a brand. Words alone cannot communicate what the brand is about. There are many examples of brands that failed to get their message across because people could not understand either what they were saying or what they were about. Not having the right delivery can make all branding efforts worthless.


In marketing campaigns, design actually has a direct impact on profitability. For example, small changes in formatting and use of design elements can help deliver a better sales message and improve readership. One of the best examples of this is used online. Tests have shown that eCommerce sites using elements such as the BBB seal and HackerSafe badge saw a respectable increase in conversions.


Throughout the years we’ve helped many companies with their visual branding challenges, and we worked on creating exiting brand elements and improving designs and styles for numerous marketing campaigns.

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