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Front #5

Front #6 Flint Hills logo more prominent

Back is to the left and is shown in greyscale only. You can add color to the back for an additional $20. 

Size is 6" x 4"


Three front choices for the Save the Date postcards.

#1 Orange

#2 Blue

#3 Yellow


Two back choices

#1 with Logo greyscale

#2 Color with logo +$20





2000 Delivered by March 7th will run about $250.

$25 extra for full delivery by March 3rd.

No addressing is included.



  • 80lb one-sided Glossy with UV Varnish

  • 115lb Premium Glossy Cover Stock

  • Signature Recycled Matte

  • Black & White Back-Side

  • PDF Proof

Custom Casino Tickets

Please enlarge and carefully proof the following images for the HALO-Flight 30th anniversary booklet. No changes can be made following your approval of this final signature proof. Also please send higher reolution photos for the images indicated if available, or approve with the understanding they  will be slightly blurred if no higher resolution photo is available.

I added a grain texture to the front cover so all images will look as though they are old and should not be great quality...

These two pages are also indicative of the differences between a .jpg and a non-lossy file format. The first image is a .jpg, the second is not. The dirrerence in these two images is called artifacts and is what I'm talking about appearing in the two photos below. Not terrible, just not good enough to be considered perfect and thereby professional quality.

The center fold image of the helicopter will contain some artifacts causing it to not appear completely sharp due to the original image resolution. See below ...

This image will appear somewhat blurred due to low original image resolution. See below...







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