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Is Your Website a Dud at Bringing New Business?

Is Your Website a Dud at Bringing in new Business?

The truth is, at Snapshots Creative Services we care more about helping our clients grow their businesses than simply giving them a fancy makeover. My business has grown on the repeat business of my customers!

Yes, a website design that makes your business look good and trustworthy is important, but we’ve found that it isn’t enough to attract the right people and convert them into clients. There is actually a science to it.

When you have a small business, marketing involves putting your ass on the line and taking a stand for what you do. Because you are so identified with your business, or are just uncomfortable with marketing and sales, it can be really uncomfortable. I get it. But if you want to grow your business you really do have to be ok with standing out.

To get the right people to your website, and get them interested in working with you or buying from you, your website has to get your ideal client’s attention and create an emotional connection with them.

This requires you to understand what the problem is that you have a solution for. You need to make it really clear on your website that you understand their situation and then clearly present an awesome solution.

It is amazing to me how many websites don’t even make it clear what business they’re in, much less spell out what they can do for you. Is it surprising then that the website does not bring them new business?

It is hard enough to get visitors to take action when you do let people know what you can do for them and spell out the next steps they should take.

You know I am a big proponent of blogging. So it’s also baffling to me that more businesses don’t take advantage of this amazing opportunity. Writing blog posts and then sending the post out in a newsletter does double duty.

First, each post can come up in a Google search on the topic, and second and it gives your visitors an opportunity to get to know you and your company and that is important to getting them to a point where they will take the next step to work with you.

I use to think it was enough for a redesign to make the company look good and encourage the business to blog. And those things are very important since they build Know Like and Trust for a company. But you can’t stop there.

To have your site convert your tire-kickers into loyal, repeat customers you need to carefully craft a "Content Marketing Sales Funnel".

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